Welcome to Excelstra! We are a leading wealth strategy and empowerment firm dedicated to helping high income, high net worth individuals and successful business owners achieve financial freedom and success. Formerly known as “The Empowered Financial Planner,” we have rebranded as Excelstra to reflect our commitment to excellence and the extraordinary results we deliver to our clients.

Excelstra’s customized hands-on wealth strategy consulting program offers end-to-end wealth optimization strategies that have historically only been leveraged by the ultra-wealthy. Our tried-and-true methodology and personalized approach delivered significant bottom line improvements to hundreds of clients.

Meet Eunicia

Eunicia Peret, is a visionary leader with a passion for empowering individuals to realize their true financial potential. With years of experience in the finance industry, Eunicia has successfully guided numerous clients towards financial independence and wealth accumulation.

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